Got this ElectroForce Force Zero DF-10 from Sicurez Automotive Solution Sdn Bhd


Product link: Force Zero DF-10


Specifications & features
•  6000mAh NCM Battery: NCM batteries are used in electric cars like Tesla, Fisker, and Renault Samsung.
• Battery Capacity Can Be Expanded up to 2 Times (2x)
• Built-In-Triple Safety sensor
• Free Volt (DC 12-24V)
• Silicon Cables with UL Certification
• 30 Hours parking mode recording in dual 1080p dashcam
• Full charge in 50 minutes
• High capacity super condenser made in Korea by Samyong to ensure excellent cooling effects and longer lifetime (5,000 cycles)
• Made in Korea


The box



Open box




Force Zero DF-10
Dashcam output cable
Power input cable



Force Zero DF-10



Dashcam output cable



Power input cable







Hidden underneath the driver seat.



Final thoughts

The Force Zero DF-10 can power my Thinkware U1000’s buffered parking mode in 4K front cam and 2K rear cam for about 25+- hours with the Battery Protection settings disabled.

The Force Zero DF-10 can be used with virtually any dashcam with parking mode that uses 3 wires hardwire kit.

This is an excellent investment for those who wish to prevent their car battery from draining when using dashcams with parking mode.


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