Got this Zeepin C220 Solar Powered TPMS with external sensors from Aliexpress recently. It has the options for external or internal sensors.

Aliexpress product page: C220 Solar Powered TPMS


Technical Specs & features:
• Intelligent Alarm: Leakage Alert, High Temperature Alert, High Pressure Alert, Low Pressure Alert
• Display working temperature: -40 Deg.C – 85 Deg.C
• Monitoring temperature scope: -40 Deg.C – 85 Deg.C
• Monitoring pressure scope: 0 – 5 Bar
• Display battery capacity: 1000mA

For external sensors:
• Sensor working temperature: -40 Deg.C – 80 Deg.C
• Sensor battery supply: CR1632 battery
• Sensor battery capacity: 120mA

For internal sensors:
• Sensor working temperature: -40 Deg.C – 125 Deg.C
• Sensor battery supply: CR2050 battery
• Sensor battery capacity: 345mA


The box


Open box



• Display unit
• External sensor x4
• Wrench
• Locking nuts x4
• Button head cap
• Mounting tape
• English manual
• Warranty card


Display unit


External sensors


Locking nuts & wrench


Button head cap


Mounting tape



English manual & warranty card


How to change the external sensors’ battery

External sensor using a CR1632 battery.



Recommended to first charge the display unit via the micro USB port before putting into the car to be used/charged by sunlight.


Final thoughts
A nice little inexpensive tool to help monitor the pressure in your tires. Less worry about having a flat tire unknowingly.

Notice when driving the pressure will fluctuate a few PSI. Guess this is normal due to external conditions like tire temperature, etc.


Bill Fink · July 2, 2019 at 9:36 pm

I purchased this unit in February it worked great till we went on a trip then they started to quit one then two then all. After we stoped for fuel they started working for about an hour or so then quit. I purchased them on Amazon. Bill Fink

    Jeremy Wong · July 2, 2019 at 11:16 pm

    Mine still working until today since the review

Larry m · February 21, 2020 at 8:29 am

purchased mine june 2018 , 11,000 miles on travel tlr. fm fla. to calif. and back in jan. 2019 – apr 2019..replaced 2 batt… in sept 2019 went northern route to wash/oregon back down to yuma,az and back to fla. 12000 + miles replaced 3 batteries, a lot of rough roads , i have no complaints about tps unit. it took me 3 days to set it up the first time.

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