Got this Giahol Hepa Air Purifier during the haze season in Malaysia.


Giahol Official Store in Aliexpress product page: TCA0002


Technical Specs:
• Power input: DC5V/1A
USB power
• Gesture control
• Anion density: 5,000,000pcs/cm3
• Low Noise: <45db
• Remove PM2.5 efficiency: <99%
• Remove formaldehyde efficiency: <90%
• Remove TVOC (Total Volatile Organic Compounds): <90%
• Purifier Method: Primary Filter + HEPA Filter + Activated carbon


The box


Open box



• TCA0002
• Hepa filter (inside the TCA0002)
• USB cable
• User manual




Hepa filter


USB cable


User manual


Gesture control




Final thoughts
A portable HEPA air purifier can be used anywhere not just in your car as it is USB powered. It can be powered with a powerbank.

Wifey said with the air purifier on in the car during the haze season, her nose was less irritated.


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