Thank you Atcetera Solutions for providing this Xiaomi 70Mai Pro for review.

Official product page: Xiaomi 70Mai Pro (English) | Xiaomi 70Mai Pro (Chinese)

Technical Specs:
• Processor: HiSilicon chip
• Sensor: Sony IMX335
• Viewing angle: 140° wide angle, F1.8 Aperture, 6G Glass Lens
• De-fog function
• Resolution: 2592×1944 30fps, 2560×1440 30fps, 1920×1080 30fps, 1280×720 30fps
• Supports 16GB-64GB class 10 or higher microSD card
• Built-in WiFi
• Built-in 500mAh battery
• ADAS (requires GPS module)
• Parking mode
• E-dog (requires GPS module & only available in China)

The box

Open box


• Xiaomi 70Mai Pro
Tape mount
• USB car charger
• 90° angled micro USB cable 3.5m
Pry tool
• Electrostatic film x2
• Manual in Chinese

Xiaomi 70Mai Pro

Tape mount

USB car charger

The red USB port is for the 70Mai Pro.

90° angled micro USB cable 3.5m

Pry tool

Electrostatic film

Manual in Chinese

The translated menu in 70Mai Pro

Test setup

Will be using Kingston 32GB Micro SDHC for the recordings

70Mai dashcam app

Initial firmware out of the box is version 1.0.1 released on 2018.08.09

You’ll need to use the Chinese version of the 70Mai app in order to add the 70Mai Pro as the Google Play Store version can only add the 70Mai dashcam. You can scan the QR codes here (click here) for the Chinese version 70Mai app.

Recorded in 2592×1944 30fps using H.265 with an overall bit rate of 19.6 Mb/s.

Recorded in 2560×1440 30fps using H.265 with an overall bit rate of 22.4 Mb/s.

Final thoughts
The first impression I got when I saw the 70Mai Pro is this looks like a Thinkware dashcam.

The 70Mai Pro is a good camera which records with good quality. The 1944p is in 4:3 aspect ratio seems a bit weird for modern dashcams but you can record more vertically though.

You’ll need to change to H.265 encoding in order to record in 1440p & 1944p.

Unable to try out the de-fog features as the weather didn’t permit to test this.

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Dhammika Welagedara · October 4, 2018 at 8:29 pm

The official Indiegogo page and some Aliexpress postings refer to a GPS Module.
Did your package come without it? What does the GPS Module do and where does it attach?

    Jeremy Wong · October 4, 2018 at 9:18 pm

    Mine came without the GPS module. The ADAS requires the GPS module in order to function. The GPS module is a mount. There is a connector on the 70mai to connect to the GPS module.

    Abhisek Chakrabarti · January 8, 2019 at 12:39 pm

    Am from India. Can you please explain how GPS module works. I still suffering to use the same . how to enable ADAS function. Please advise

      Jeremy Wong · January 8, 2019 at 1:02 pm

      There’s an option for ADAS in the 70mai app that you can turn on

        Raymond · April 4, 2019 at 12:50 am

        I bought the Global English version and also bought the GPS module.
        The ADAS and Watch Dog work fantastic. Once a car slow down or a car come into the front of my car i will send out a voice alert. Best is when in Traffic light when the car in-front of me start to move it will prompt a voice alert to inform the vehicle in-front has start moving.

          Jeremy Wong · April 4, 2019 at 12:56 am

          That’s great but the watch dog function only available in China.

shah · October 10, 2018 at 12:11 pm

Hi Jeremy,
Any idea where to purchase the GPS module?
Secondly does the ADAS function without the GPS module e.g. Lane Departure, Car Departure and Parking Surveillance?

    Jeremy Wong · October 10, 2018 at 1:54 pm

    Aliexpress or tmall would have it.

    ADAS cannot work without the GPS module.

Mohd Shahrul Nizam Bin Zuikafly · October 12, 2018 at 7:13 pm

Hi James, it’s me again. Just purchase the mi70 pro. How did you test the parking module? I’ve tried by open and close the front bonnet and shaking the car but no video or images captured in the dashcam. And do you think the 500Mah battery can support the 24hour parking mode without external power supply?
Thanks James for your answer. Much appreciated

    Jeremy Wong · October 15, 2018 at 11:20 am

    Did you enable the parking surveillance mode in the settings? 500mAh I don’t think can support up to 24 hours. Maybe 30 minutes or so. That’s why you need the 70mai hardwire kit.

    I’m Jeremy btw.

Mohd Shahrul Nizam Bin Zuikafly · October 12, 2018 at 7:16 pm

And what is the pry tool function?

    Jeremy Wong · October 15, 2018 at 10:09 am

    Pry tool is used when hiding the cable

      Paul Bamborough · July 11, 2019 at 1:56 pm

      Got a 70 mai pro put a number of SD cards in it only to get low grade card please replace I want to no what SD card will work in it

Mohd Shahrul Nizam Bin Zuikafly · October 15, 2018 at 11:25 am

Hi there, since this item is new I just update a few things since I have used for 4 days now.
1. The language is in Chinese only if you buy from Malaysia thru Lazada or Shoppee.
2. GPS Module can be bought from AliExpress or Indiegogo. However no info either can be used outside China or not.
3. No need hardwire for parking mode since as tested the dashcam will automatically record from G sensor (set to high sensitive if you want to test it). Without power the dashcam record in parking mode after I closed the rear bonnet.

Ong · October 15, 2018 at 1:43 pm

Hi, what do you think about the battery? Is it reliable in hot weather at malaysia? Thanks

    Jeremy Wong · October 15, 2018 at 1:48 pm

    Any lithium battery is not recommended to use in hot countries… Better quality lithium battery will only be more durable in the heat…

      Ong · October 15, 2018 at 4:37 pm

      Noted. The lithium battery in 70mai pro works fine?
      Plan to buy this dashcam and the only I concern is the battery.

Jiewong · November 4, 2018 at 12:45 pm

What is the parking mode mean? Is that mean still recording when my car engine is off? Do i need to buy additional battery to support this?

    Jeremy Wong · November 4, 2018 at 12:58 pm

    Parking mode is for recording when you have off your engine. You’ll need the hardwire kit to use parking mode but there’s the built in battery which can use parking mode for a short time.

      Jiewong · November 10, 2018 at 7:22 pm

      You mean additional battery hardware Kit? What is the record duration for parking mode without hardware kit?

        Jeremy Wong · November 10, 2018 at 7:28 pm

        The hardwire kit to the car battery. I think without the hardwire kit, maybe can record for another 30 minutes?

          nn · June 16, 2019 at 6:46 am

          But when will camera turn on parking mode? It only turn on parking mode if I unplug usb cable / power. So not sure by wireing and constantly on power will enable parkimg mode ever

          Jeremy Wong · June 24, 2019 at 7:39 pm

          The 70mai Pro will be in standby mode after your engine is off. Any impact like when you unplug the USB cable from will trigger it to record. The 70mai Pro doesn’t continue to record when the engine is off.

      Gevorg Harutyunyan · January 21, 2020 at 4:21 pm

      Could you please let me know if use hardware kit 70mai Pro will record 24 hour or will go to standby like with battery?

        Jeremy Wong · January 22, 2020 at 2:39 pm

        It won’t record 24/7. Will only starts recording then impact is detected.

Joe · November 10, 2018 at 11:43 am

Hi Jeremy, thanks for the review. 70mai Pro looks promising, but I do not understand what is the additional GPS module for and can it be used out of China? I have checked with Taobao seller, one of them told me GPS Module can be used (配了GPS模块就自带ADAS功能), the other say not able to.

Also, any idea whether Power Magic is compatible for parked car recording overnight?

Appreciate your reply please, thank you.

    Jeremy Wong · November 10, 2018 at 11:50 am

    GPS module is for the ADAS function.

    Power Magic should work with any dashcams. But 70mai does have it’s own hardwire kit.

      Joe · November 10, 2018 at 12:03 pm

      I see, thanks. Any idea whether the GPS module can be use out of China? What actually is the GPS module for?

        Jeremy Wong · November 10, 2018 at 12:05 pm

        Should be able to work outside of China. GPS is track your location, your speed, etc. GPS = global positioning system. Not same like those GPS navigation system like Waze or Garmin.

          Bernard · September 10, 2019 at 12:02 am

          does it mean that I can remotely locate my car using the GPS tracking system?

          Jeremy Wong · September 10, 2019 at 1:02 am

          No. You can’t as the GPS only to work the ADAS, take the speed and location data.

          Jeremy Wong · September 12, 2019 at 7:37 pm

          Nope. The GPS more for detecting speed and location data and sync time

Antonio Bello Linares · November 17, 2018 at 2:08 am

I have a 70mai Pro version China, where I can buy the GPS module? Because I only see it for sale for Russian and English versions

    Jeremy Wong · November 18, 2018 at 9:56 am

    You can try searching in aliexpress for it as I also got the Chinese version without gps module.

Antonio Bello · November 17, 2018 at 5:05 pm

Do you need a specific GPS module for the Chiná version? Or are all GPS modules the same?

    Jeremy Wong · November 18, 2018 at 9:55 am

    I think the gps module can work for both China and informational version of the 70mai Pro.

    BERkley. LeGrow · May 29, 2019 at 7:46 am

    Hi Jeremy
    We can not get into the network hot spot password. We have tried the default numbers 12345678 but no go. Can you help ???

      Jeremy Wong · May 29, 2019 at 8:01 am

      The WiFi password is different on each 70mai Pro. You’ll need to check the password on the WiFi settings on the 70mai Pro itself.

LON · November 25, 2018 at 2:42 am

Hi I’m a looking for an English firmware. I could not find it anywhere. help..

Joe · November 25, 2018 at 8:10 pm

Hi Jeremy, I have just set up my 70mai yst with parking surveillance enabled. however the record stops the moment i switched off my engine. I have installed Power Magic along with it, supposingly the record will keep on running am i right? or it only works with G sensor where footage will be taken only when the car is shaken? thanks!

    Jeremy Wong · November 25, 2018 at 8:36 pm

    The 70mai Pro only records when the g sensor is triggered.

      Joe · November 27, 2018 at 2:16 pm

      Hi Jeremy, is there any way to enable recording even when engine is off? rather than only record when it is triggered? thanks!

        Jeremy Wong · November 27, 2018 at 2:54 pm

        That’s the function in 70mai Pro. If need more then better look at Korean dashcam from Thinkware or Blackvue.

          Joe · December 8, 2018 at 11:27 am

          Thanks for the advice. I installed Power Magic as well, is it possible to continue the recording even when parked, and to shutdown 70mai once the battery hit a certain level?

Justin Saw · November 27, 2018 at 7:58 pm

Hi, just want to find out how much degree can the camera angle be rotate?

Justin Saw · November 27, 2018 at 10:29 pm

hi, i just want to find out how much degree rotation for the lens?

Jeremy Wong · November 29, 2018 at 8:23 pm

Did you remove the film on the camera lens? Usually the closer to the windscreen, the less reflection, etc. You can use other micro usb cable besides the one that came with the 70mai Pro. I usually use clear acrylic double sided tape to temporarily mount the dashcam for my reviews.

Worried buyer · November 29, 2018 at 8:31 pm

Hi I just purchased the English version of this dashcam from Xiaomi’s online store but I find the video grainy. I haven’t had the chance to attach it to the windscreen or install it as per the instructions. I only used my powerbank with my old phone usb cable laid the camera on my dashbnoard to record day and night. I used a Kingston and Sandisk 32 gb class 10 sdhc. I’m waiting for my Sandisk ultra 64gb class 10 A1 sdxc to arrive before I get a professional to install the dashcam for me.

Does it really make a difference if we do not use the cable they’ve supplied and attach it to the car charger and then attach it close to the windscreen?

I’m a little worried but dare not raise this with Xiaomi untilI’ve had the chance to properly install the dashcam.It didn’t come with warranty but I assumed there wouldn’t be any problem since I bought it from the manufacturer itself rather than a third party.

I wish I can show you the footage but basically it doesn’t look as good as the ones you’ve posted online.Mine is sort of grainy,sandy, snowy and at night if my lights are on, I cannot read the car plate in front of me. The audio is excellent though.

Hope you can shed some light as to what the problem might be.Bad power source? Dirty windscreen? Slow micro sd card.


Worried buyer · November 29, 2018 at 9:12 pm

The film on the lens? I didnt notice any.I will check on that but there doesn’t appear to be any film. When I’m inside the house, recording is clear. It’s just that when I’m outside it has some kind of grainy effect. If my card arrives tomorrow, I might ask the technician if I have time.
Will update you once the problem is resolved.

    Jeremy Wong · November 29, 2018 at 10:04 pm

    Did you use the 70mai app to download the videos? Or use a micro SD card and view the videos on the PC or phone? I know using the 70mai to watch via streaming will not be the highest quality.

    If you watch the videos and doesn’t have sound or video, use VLC player to watch as the codecs required might be missing on your PC or phone.

Azhari Kassim · December 1, 2018 at 3:05 pm

Where and how to download 70maipro firmware

Dash user · December 1, 2018 at 10:47 pm

hi i downloaded the chinese app from your link. i am using a mi account to try login the app but when i try to register, it prompt me to input a chinese mobile number to bind my account. I can’t proceed from there. how did u bypass that?

    Jeremy Wong · December 1, 2018 at 10:50 pm

    Better to register a 70mai account and login. Mi account needs a mobile from China to activate

      Dash user · December 2, 2018 at 10:49 pm

      Yup. Did just that. Notice the official 70mai app from Google Play store now support this dashcam pro model as well. We can skip the china app now

Erez F. · December 4, 2018 at 4:20 am

Hi. I’ve read all your post and comments. Thank you for all that info about the camera. I need to ask someting i didn’t found an answer to.. How do you mount the 70 mai pro to the windshield ? I have those two clear plastic pieces but how do i stick it to the front glass in the car ? TNX !!

    Jeremy Wong · December 4, 2018 at 10:59 am

    There’s instruction on the Electrostatic film. You’ll need to peel off one side and stick on the windscreen. Then stick the 70mai Pro on it.

      Erez F. · December 4, 2018 at 5:13 pm

      Thank you !! I’ll try that..

Antonio Bello Linares · December 6, 2018 at 6:45 pm

You can exchange the Firmware of the Chinese version for the English version?

Mohd Shahrul Nizam Bin Zuikafly · December 8, 2018 at 9:34 am

Hi Jeremy, looks like the ADAS already available in 2 major online shopping website. The English version also appeared. Now, how can we change the Chinese language to English? 70mai Chinese to English available, but 70 mai Pro Chinese to English still pending

    Jeremy Wong · December 8, 2018 at 11:06 am

    I’m not really sure. Need to get hold of the English firmware and flash into the Chinese version and see. Scared there will be some hardware differences like the 70mai dashcam.

Worried buyer · December 10, 2018 at 8:15 pm

Here’s an update on the 70 Mai Pro (English version without GPS) I bought as promised earlier.

I got some staff at the Mi store near where I live to check the footage from my defective dashcam just before I sent the dashcam back to Xiaomi China and the staff at the store asked me to send it back to the warehouse. They couldn’t believe how bad the quality was. I gave Xiaomi a copy of the business card from this particular outlet.

I had tried various micro sd cards like Kingston and Sandisk class 10 SDHC (32gb) as well as Sandisk Extreme pro class 10 SDXC A1(64gb) and used the USB cable with charger they supplied and VLC for playback but to no avail. In fact, I even tested the micro sd cards using Zoltan Pallagi’s Android app and the results were good, especially for my Extreme pro.

I sent the dashcam back to Xiaomi via poslaju on December 4th and was notified via email this morning that they will refund me. They took a good few days to check the unit before reverting to me.

I’m not sure whether other owners experienced the sama thing or my case is possibly the first in Malaysia. Mine was released on 2018.10.12.

gb · December 13, 2018 at 9:38 pm

Hi, it looks pretty good image quality, but does this camera have a motion detector? (i mean image sensor to detect motion that occurs near the vehicle, not g sensor)

    Jeremy Wong · December 14, 2018 at 9:49 am

    It’s doesn’t have motion detection

      Mr K. · January 2, 2019 at 12:19 pm

      Are you sure? some sellers say in parking mode it has G Sensor and Motion Detection(can that be disabled by default?). Sellers say(Chinese) it records 1 frame per second which is a nice feature

        Jeremy Wong · January 2, 2019 at 12:47 pm

        Based on the settings on the 70mai Pro and the settings on the 70mai app, you can only turn parking surveillance mode. No settings for motion detection, etc.

sam · December 15, 2018 at 10:22 pm

Hi, after downloaded video into my iphone.

when start to play back after 8sec, the video suddenly becomes lag and voice is breaking off. Anything wrong with my setting?

    Jeremy Wong · December 16, 2018 at 12:05 am

    I don’t have an iPhone to test this but on android phones will need VLC player or MX player to play properly as the video requires some codecs

sam · December 15, 2018 at 10:25 pm

Hi, after downloaded the video into iphone.

During the playback, the video starts to show lag and voice break off after 8sec. Anything wrong with my setting?

Matt · December 16, 2018 at 12:38 pm

I just bought & installed in my car, 1 month already, with GPS module, i thought i can trace my car with it, but didnt find the function, bcause i saw the ‘Track Remote’ function in the description.
Pls advise me on how to track it.

    Jeremy Wong · December 19, 2018 at 1:22 pm

    Sorry. I didn’t get the GPS mount with mine. So I can’t test it out.

Rd · December 26, 2018 at 6:08 am

Motion sensor is available in 70mai pro dashcam

    Jeremy Wong · December 31, 2018 at 10:27 am

    Nope. It only records when the g sensor is triggered

Zohar Yehuda · December 27, 2018 at 3:31 pm

The Camera specification is max operating temperature of 60 degrees, the camera is installed on the front glass, I am living in hot weather country, while returning to the parking car, the camera temperature can be easily more then 60 degrees, what will happen?
Please also advice what is the max non operating temperature of the camera.

REdhat · December 28, 2018 at 5:05 pm

HI Jeremy, is the app ios friendly ? Also is there an option to turn off the speed stamp whn the gps is engaged

Tim · December 31, 2018 at 2:56 am

I have the english version. Testing now with a spare car battery and 70mai buck line. To see what the parking mode does. Results so far is that the recording stops after an hour or so. Then you would say it will start recording when you drive off.. thats not the case. I have to tap with my finger on the unit for it to wake up. Senitivity level is set to high. Very strange. In this case parking mode is useless.

    Jeremy Wong · December 31, 2018 at 10:26 am

    If you plugged the 3 wires hardwire kit (ACC, BATT & Ground), the 70mai would wake up and start recording when it detects the engine have started.

    The 70mai Pro should have stopped when detects the engine is off and the parking mode will wake up and record when the G sensor triggers.

      Tim · January 1, 2019 at 1:24 am

      So the only way to use parking mode is when you have a 3 wire buck line? I use the 2 wire and there is no parking mode even tough i enabled it in the menu.
      It just stops after 50min or so even with constant power on from a separate battery.

Zohar Yehuda · December 31, 2018 at 11:02 am

Hello Jeremy
It seems you have the best know about the 70mai pro DVR I have ever seen, nevertheless, did you find anything with regarding the temperatures question I posted on 27 December?
Please advice.

    Jeremy Wong · December 31, 2018 at 11:41 am

    Usually if overheats, the dashcam will shutdown or restarts.

    But couldn’t find the non-operating temperature info. Most are for when the dashcam is running.

Oddvar · January 3, 2019 at 1:15 pm

Does anybody know how the GPS module actually works? As far as i could learn, it records time and position, but i can’t understand if it records the speed as well, which i consider a very important thing.

    Jeremy Wong · January 6, 2019 at 12:09 am

    As far as I know, it is used for the ADAS function on the 70mai Pro.

    Also, I don’t remember seeing any settings for the speed data on the video.

Abhisek Chakrabarti · January 8, 2019 at 9:55 am

I have GPS module. But not able to activate adas function. Request to please tell how to do that.

    Antonio Bello Linares · January 8, 2019 at 4:24 pm

    Activate it first in the App and then on the camera

Calvin · January 11, 2019 at 2:50 pm

Hi Jeremy,
Thank you for your review. Can you tell me what P/N is on the app? It has the options of either “P” or “N”. I thought it’s Power on sound, but it is not. Thanks again.

    Jeremy Wong · January 11, 2019 at 3:09 pm

    I’m also not sure what is the P and N option. Some says it could be PAL and NTSC.

      Alex · January 26, 2019 at 8:56 am

      It is indeed PAL and NTSC. I checked it on the bulbs with 60 Hz

ben zheng · January 11, 2019 at 6:38 pm

hi, jeremy. could you tell me your opinion about the ddpai mini3 and the xiaomi 70mai pro? which one is better? These two are in my final list, but I couldn’t find any comparation between these two.

    Jeremy Wong · January 11, 2019 at 6:42 pm

    Well I prefer the DDPai Mini3 as its using a super capacitor and its has timelapse parking mode. 70mai Pro has ADAS features.

Pepe · January 23, 2019 at 8:12 am

Hello.Did anyone meet that camera is still recording?The connection still lights 🔴 rec.Even if I turn off recording after a while, it turns on again.I tried to turn off the g sensor and still recording.

    Jeremy Wong · January 24, 2019 at 10:12 am

    It will start recording again when the g sensor triggers. This is the parking mode turned.

Tim · January 26, 2019 at 4:29 pm

What would happen if i would use a 128Gb sd card? Anyone tried?

    Jeremy Wong · January 26, 2019 at 4:33 pm

    I think you’ll get an error reading the 128GB

      Tim · February 27, 2019 at 8:15 am

      Nope.. 128Gb Samsung Evo works just fine.
      Have it in there several weeks now. Not a single problem.

Eric · January 28, 2019 at 10:18 pm

I bought it and I don’t know how to record with sound…
Please can you explain to me how to do ?

    Jeremy Wong · January 31, 2019 at 11:11 am

    You can turn on sound recording using the 70mai app

iNeshz · February 11, 2019 at 3:42 pm

Maybe it’s a little bit late to ask but I was just wondering about the electrostatic film came with the 70mai Pro.
Will the electrostatic film damage the front window tint when peeled off? or does the electrostatic film will come out easily without peeling the window tint off too?


    Jeremy Wong · February 11, 2019 at 4:03 pm

    The film comes off easily. This to prevent damaging the tint.

saleh · February 27, 2019 at 12:48 am

can you show us how to connect the hardwire kit in the fuse box?

    Jeremy Wong · February 27, 2019 at 7:29 am

    You’ll need a fuse tester and test which fuse is ACC and BATT underneath your steering wheel. And need to find a good grounding.

    There are a lot of videos on YouTube for this.

Nour · March 18, 2019 at 7:51 pm

Hello, i would like to ask for time or days record if i use 64GB card

    Jeremy Wong · March 19, 2019 at 11:15 am

    64GB can record roughly about 5-6 hours of video

Khalid · March 19, 2019 at 9:38 pm

Hi Jeremy, Do you know how to reset the wifi 70mai password? Thanks in advance.

    Jeremy Wong · March 20, 2019 at 11:35 am

    You’ll need to factory reset the 70mai Pro

      Khalid Noh · March 20, 2019 at 1:50 pm

      How do I do the factory reset? Is it via the pinhole?

        Jeremy Wong · March 20, 2019 at 1:53 pm

        Via the settings menu. I don’t think it have a reset pinhole.

          Khalid Noh · March 20, 2019 at 2:23 pm

          Mine is 70mai not the Pro model. To use setting menu, the phone must be connected to the dashcam via wifi. I can’t connect to dashcam without the wifi password.

          Jeremy Wong · March 20, 2019 at 2:45 pm

          Oh! Cause you commented in 70Mai Pro. 70Mai got a reset pinhole near the micro SD card slot.

          Nour · April 13, 2019 at 9:04 am

          Does support 128 gb card?

Darren · March 21, 2019 at 9:18 pm

Hi Sir!

May i know, is 70MaiPro support IOS ? Like the wifi connectivity or the apps.

Wing · March 31, 2019 at 9:51 am

This product has a feature that can save the video in the app’ album, but not functioning, why?

    Jeremy Wong · March 31, 2019 at 1:44 pm

    I’m not 70mai’s customer service. But do you mean save on your phone? Did you give the 70mai app permission to your phone’s storage? Best to ask 70mai.

WIng · April 1, 2019 at 3:28 am

Can you tell me how to set the permission on my iPhone’s storage? I call the customer services so Mary times , but nobody pick up the phone.

Mhai · April 4, 2019 at 1:54 pm

Hi Jeremy. I’m torn between 70mai pro and yi smart dash cam? Which would you recommend? Also, it’s too hot here in the Philippines; reaching to 48C envi temp, would it be safe to use either one? Thank you so much.

    Jeremy Wong · April 4, 2019 at 2:03 pm

    Same like in Malaysia. Think will be better to get a dashcam using super capacitor instead.

Nour · April 13, 2019 at 2:28 pm

Does support 128 GB card?

    Jeremy Wong · April 13, 2019 at 6:18 pm

    It say up to 64gb but if you can try and see with a 128gb if you have lying around

      Tim · April 13, 2019 at 6:55 pm

      It does support 128Gb. Works flawless with Samsung Evo

Wing · April 16, 2019 at 10:14 am

Can you tell me where I can get the customer services’ phone number?

Lee · May 4, 2019 at 2:29 am

Question, how long can the 70mai pro record on a 64gb microsd card based on the below setting: (all resolution include sound recording)

By inserting a bigger than 64gb microsd (eg 128gb & 256gb card) into the 70mai pro, will it be able to utilize the space? As in some case i have seen some cheaper android phone that supports up to 128gb sd card but when you insert a 256gb card, it does not have any issue reading and writing into it and is able to show that the sd card is indeed a 256gb card. But once the card reaches 128gb utilized, the phone will still say memory is full and is not able to utilize the remaining space in the sd card. If this is the case for the 70mai pro the. By inserting a 128gb or 256gb sdcard in it will be a waste of space and money 🤣🤣

    Jeremy Wong · May 4, 2019 at 11:06 pm

    Below are estimates based on calculations from the videos files on the 70mai Pro.

    64GB 1944p – 6+- hours
    64GB 1440p – 5.5+- hours
    64GB 1080p – 6+- hours

    Not sure why you’re bringing up using a big size micro SD card on an Android phone to comparing it using on a dashcam which is not relevant.

    I know there are some who tested the 70mai Pro with a 128GB micro SD card and got no errors using it.

    Using anything bigger than 64GB on a 70mai Pro I consider it to be an overkill.

      Lee · May 5, 2019 at 12:23 am

      ohh… so the resolution doesn’t have much effect on the record time… thx 👍👍
      As for the sd card, am having a 256gb sd card lying around for some time and its a class 10 card.
      so was wondering if the 70mai pro will react the same as an android phone where it will not have any error and is able to show the actual size of the card, but only able to utilize until said limit….
      dont wan to spend extra money to get another smaller sd card if it have no problem using all the 256gb… but if it cant then i rater get a 64gb sd card and keep my 256gb card for other purpose…

        Myra · May 6, 2019 at 2:00 pm

        Hello. Please let us know if the 256 Gb works. Thanks.

          Jeremy Wong · May 6, 2019 at 2:29 pm

          I don’t think anyone has tried a 256GB micro SD card with the 70mai Pro as the price of the micro SD card is almost the same as a 70mai Pro. It’s overkill.

          I only know a few have tested 128GB and it works with 70mai Pro.

Myra Bungag · May 7, 2019 at 10:10 am

Hi Jeremy, peers,

Been using this dashcam for 2 weeks now and the first thing I noticed is just after 3 hours of continuous recording, the 32Gb SD card is already full. Tried accessing the files using a computer and it seems that it stores 3 + 3 folders automatically, Normal, Parking and Event and the other 3 are, “_s’ which just duplicates the 3 main folders. What’s the essence here? Can I disable this? Thanks.

    Jeremy Wong · May 7, 2019 at 10:23 am

    The 70mai Pro will auto overwrite old videos in your 32GB when full. It’s how a dashcam works.

    The _s folder is a duplicate but smaller files, I think they are there when streaming over wifi to your phone. There are no options to disable this.

      Myra · May 7, 2019 at 10:29 am

      Thanks for the reply. I know but then I think 3 hours isn’t enough. Hence, am thinking of using 256 Gb if anyone has already tried. Re: _s folder, this sucks. Are all dashcams like this?

        Jeremy Wong · May 7, 2019 at 10:40 am

        I don’t think anyone is willing to buy a 256GB to test as it is about the same price as the 70mai Pro or higher.

        Why do you need to keep so many videos? I think 64GB is more than enough for a single channel dashcam.

        You can buy a 64GB (6hours) or 128GB (12hours) as these have been tested and working fine with the 70mai Pro.

        Not all dashcams using the smaller files for streaming. Only some does.

          Myra · May 7, 2019 at 10:52 am

          Thanks. I, sometimes, go on an 18-24-hour continuous drive. And on these times, I’d like to back up the files from start to finish.

          Jeremy Wong · May 7, 2019 at 11:09 am

          I don’t see any dashcams that are able to use 256GB at the moment. Most I know is they can use 128GB.

          I’m guessing your best choice to get an action cam and a few cards to record your long drives.

Lee · May 9, 2019 at 12:38 am

Hi Jeremy, thanks for the info about the 256GB micro sd being almost as expensive as 70mai pro..
Sorry guys I failed you all… sold my 256GB card so that I could cut down the cost… am on a tight budget…😅😅
Just placed my order today…
Will try to look around when I receive my order if I could borrow a 256GB card from people I know and see if there is an error when inserting the card… but don’t think will be able to test if its capable of utilizing all 256GB (will take a long time and don’t think anyone could borrow it to me)…

Dennis · May 14, 2019 at 6:32 pm

The Dome D201 takes 256GB cards and has movement detection.

    Jeremy Wong · May 14, 2019 at 7:21 pm

    Haven’t heard about Dome D201 for quite sometime

    Lee · May 24, 2019 at 3:04 am

    Question…. just received my 70mai pro not long… got a sandisk 64 gb micro sd for it… its a u3 standard card… i realized when i try to download the video from the 70mai pro to my phone top speed i can see downloading is only 5/6mbps?? Have anyone tested to download faster than that??
    I attempted to open my album in the 70mai pro while my car was still on… but accidentally turn off my engine while still accessing the album… when i turn the engine back on… the devise will ask me to format the card??? Without formatting it the device will not work… anyone experience this??

RobL · May 16, 2019 at 6:26 am

Hi Jeremy,

Just to confirm, one would not need the hardwire kit to use the parking mode feature right? I know it has a built in battery, does this mean the 70mai Pro will start recording as soon as G sensor detects something? Even though when the engine (car) is off?

If so, how long does the 500mah last? And once it detecs somethign and records while in parking mode, will it just keep recording until it dies?

    Jeremy Wong · May 17, 2019 at 9:28 pm

    Yes, the 70mai Pro will turn on to record if the g sensor is triggered when the engine off using either the built-in battery or via the hardwire kit.

    I think the battery can record for quite some time as when triggered it will record 20-30 seconds then goes back to standby.

      RobL · May 21, 2019 at 11:16 pm

      What sensitivity do you recommend to put the G sensor on? I’ve read that even shutting the doors or trunk of the car trigger the sensor…

        Jeremy Wong · May 22, 2019 at 11:33 pm

        Usually I leave at default which is mid. If too sensitive I would usually set a level lower.

Lee · May 25, 2019 at 12:27 am

I got a question…. just received my 70mai pro not long… got a sandisk 64gb micro sd for it… it’s a u3 standard card… I realized when I try to download the video from it to my phone, the top speed I can see downloading is only 5/6mbps?? Have anyone tested to download faster than that? or is it normal? the downloaded vid is max res or lower quality also?
fyi… I attempted to open my album in the 70mai pro while my car was still on… but accidentally turn off my engine while still accessing the album… when I turn the engine back on… the device will ask me to format the card??? Without formatting it the device will not work… anyone experience this?? or there is a problem with my sd card or my device?

jeff · June 12, 2019 at 8:31 am

can we rotate the camera to record video facing inside the car after we stick on the windscreen?

    Jeremy Wong · June 13, 2019 at 4:13 pm

    I don’t think the lens can rotate full 360 degrees.

Yehuda Zohar · June 13, 2019 at 6:45 pm

You can pull the camera (slide out) from its base, still connected to the power cable and point it anywhere you want to.

    Jeremy Wong · June 13, 2019 at 8:53 pm

    But he’ll need to hold it while driving 😅

Richard · July 5, 2019 at 11:32 pm

Just wonder can i connect the device directly to usb port of my car instead of the cigarette port. Will it work? My proton x70 provide usb port near the mirror for dash cam. Dun know will it work if i connect to the usb port.

Paul Bamborough · July 11, 2019 at 1:57 pm

Got a 70 mai pro put a number of SD cards in it only to get low grade card please replace I want to no what SD card will work in it

cheng ng · July 30, 2019 at 9:11 pm

hi jeremy,
i would like to buy a dash cam and want to know about the hot weather survivability of xiaomi 70 mai pro. thankyou

    Jeremy Wong · July 30, 2019 at 10:05 pm

    The 70mai Pro is using a lithium ion battery. So the durability might be around 1-2 years when used in hot countries. All depends on your luck if it last long or not.

Shabith Thennakone · August 10, 2019 at 11:54 am

Nice review Jeremy 🙂

Which one is better? Xiaomi Mijia Dashcam or Xiaomi 70mai pro without GPS module? my money is on Mijia Dashcam.

    Jeremy Wong · August 10, 2019 at 6:03 pm

    70Mai Pro is newer in specs. There is a new 70Mai Mini that is coming soon.

Vince · September 12, 2019 at 7:22 pm

Nice review site, homeboy. Hope to see u do a 70mai Rearview Mirror Dash Cam review.
What would u recommend? If my requirement is
1. Front and Rear Dual Lens Camera
2. Parking Mode Monitor (with option like 3 wire buck line)
3. Rear camera can auto switch to rear view and trigger guide line for safe parking when reversing. Thanks bro!

    Jeremy Wong · September 12, 2019 at 7:36 pm

    I’ll try to get hold of the 70mai rearview mirror dashcam.

    For buffered parking, Viofo A129 Duo or higher range like Thinkware.

    Not sure about 3 buy I do know got a lot of China mirror dashcams that can do that but will lack buffered parking mode.

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