This is the second dashcam I got from Shadow Tec/Seezeus for review, the Shadow2Plus.

Shadow Tec/Seezeus product page: Shadow2S

Apparently, the page for Shadow2Plus is not up yet. The difference between Shadow2S and Shadow2Plus is the camera lens. And Shadow2S is using Sony IMX323 while Shadow2Plus is using Sony EX291.

Specifications and features list:
• Processor: ARM Cortex-A7@1.2GHz, Supports H.264 1080p@30fps/ 720p@30fps 2-channel video encoding
• Graphics Chips: Front: Sony EX291 Rear: OV9732
• Image sensor: American Starlight Night Vision Image Sensor
• Front lens: 43 layer coating process / 165 degree / F=1.8 aperture
• Wireless: Built-in WiFi, Support 802.11b/g/n
• Storage: Maximum support 128GB microSD card, loop record
• Video output: Wireless video output, support Android & IOS Playback and Download
• G-sensor: 3 Axis
• Working Temperature: -20℃~70℃
• Audio Input: High sensitivity microphone
• Remote Control: 2.4Ghz High sensitivity microphone
• Input power: Cigarette charge / OBD charge
• 0-100Km Speed Measurement
• Dual camera record
• ADAS Auxiliary System
• GPS Positioning Track
• HUD (Head up display)

The box



Open box



• Shadow2Plus
• 2 port USB charger
• Mount with 3M VHB mounting tape
• Mini USB cable
• Remote control with CR2032 lithium battery and mounting tape
• Manual
• OBD power
• 720p rear camera with screws
• Rear camera cable
• External GPS module
• LED module for GT580
• HUD film




Mount and 3M VHB mounting tape



2 port USB charger and mini USB cable



The 2 port USB charger also function as an emergency tool to break glass with it’s point metal side.



The mini USB port is to connect to the Shadow2Plus and the other port is connect to the GPS module

GPS Module



720p rear camera and cable



The micro USB cable is for connecting to the Shadow2Plus. The red cable is connect to a power source like the car’s reverse light to power on the 4 LEDs on the rear camera.

Remote control and mounting tape



Test setup with Netac P500 UHS-3 128GB Micro SD



Initial firmware version of Shadow2Plus


Videos recorded 1920×1080 30fps with overall bit rate of 14.8 Mb/s

Shadow Recorder Android App



You can use the Shadow Recorder app as HUD on your windscreen with the included HUD film.

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