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JYU Hornet S comes in 3 versions
hornets versions
Basically the Aerial and FPV version is Basic versions with extra features.

Specifications and features list:

Hornet S Standard Specs
• Net Weight (Including Battery): 550g
• Carrying Capacity: 1kg
• Max Ascent Speed (Beginner): 2.5m/s
• Max Ascent Speed (Expert): 10m/s
• Max Flight Speed (Expert): 120km/h
• Flight Ceiling Above Sea Level: 120m
• Flight Duration: 15~20 minutes
• Operating Temperature Range: 0~40°C
• GPS Mode: GPS/GLONASS Dual Mode
• Max Rotating Angular Velocity: 180°/s
• Hover Accuracy (Beginner Mode): 1m
• Diagonal Length Across (Without Propellors): 280mm
• Diagonal Length Across (With Propellors): 295mm
• Motor Type: 2204

Hornet S Gimbal Specs
• Image Sensor: SONY IMX206
• Gimbal Operating Angular Range: +20~-90 degrees
• Accuracy: +/- 0.05 degrees
• Gimbal Net Weight: 158g
• Lens: Aspheric HD Optic Glass Lens /F2.8
• FOV: 100°
• ISO Range: 50-3200
• Camera Resolution: 16 million pixels (4640×3480)
• Video Resolution: 4K@25FPS, 2.7K@30FPS, 1080P@60FPS, 720P@120FPS
• Picture Format: JPEG
• Video Format: MOV/MP4
• Storage: MicroSD Card minimum 8GB. Maximum 64GB
• Operating Temperature Range: -10~50℃

Remote Controller
• Operating Frequency: 2.4Ghz-2.483Ghz
• Max Distance: 1200 meters (Unobstructed, CE compliant)
• Live View Receiver: 5.8GHz
• Battery: 4000mAh LIPO IS
• Operating Current/ Voltage: 1.0A @3.7V

Hornet S Battery Charger
• Voltage: 12.6V
• Max Charging Power: 20W

Hornet S Battery
• Capacity: 2500mAh
• Voltage: 11.1V
• Battery Type: LiPo (3S)
• Energy: 50W

The box

Open box

• Hornet S
• Remote controller
• 3 axis gimbal and foot stand
• JYU display screen
• Hornet S Smart battery 2500mAh
• Hornet S Smart charger
• 2 sets of propellers
• Propeller tool
• Spare landing gear lights cover
• 2.5mm Video/Audio Cable
• 1m micro USB cable
• Sandisk Ultra microSD 16GB UHS-1
• English manuals for – Hornet S, gimbal and remote

Hornet S

Hornet S Smart battery

Installing the propellers


Remote controller and JYU display screen

JYU Smart charger

First flight at night


~More videos coming soon~

The Hornet S is quite a quick and stable flyer but I only managed to get about 8 minutes of flight with the gimbal attached to the Hornet S. Later will test to see how long the Hornet S can fly without the gimbal attached. Will be flying by LOS only.

Hornet S PC Software

With the Hornet S PC software, you can use it to customize the Hornet S from it lift speed, yaw speed, landing speed to configuring custom LED colors. Calibrate the remote controller and also update the firmware of the Hornet S and the remote controller.

Hornet S Firmware v7.7 Changelog
1. A new flight mode, altitude hold mode, is added.

2. In altitude-hold mode , the aircraft utilizes an internal barometer to adjustable it’s altitude. It must be controlled horizontally by the user

3. In this mode the stability of altitude fixing will be affected by the atmospheric pressure; and users should switch to this mode only after getting experienced enough on account of its relatively faster horizontal speed.

4. The unlocking method in altitude-hold mode is identical with the manual unlocking method in beginner mode; beginner mode is equivalent to altitude-hold mode (the status indicators flicker yellow in both modes) when flying indoors or without GPS.

5. The low-battery intelligent return-to-home function is not supported in altitude-hold mode, but auto landing function is reserved for the second-level low-battery warning.

6. Auto landing is available in altitude-hold mode, yet auto take-off, auto return-to-home, or setting home points is not.

7. The aircraft’s vertical speed changes are mitigated to ensure the stability of the gimbal.

8. The stability in auto take-off is reinforced.

9. Mode 3 is the default normal mode after firmware update. Users can choose to permanently switch on altitude-hold mode or professional mode via the latest PC software (downloadable on official JYU website), and normal mode will be switched on if neither of the two modes is chosen. The functionality of switching on professional mode via the remote controller is available in all of the 3 modes described above.

10.All flight parameters will be substituted by default ones, which can be reset through the PC software.

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Jayce Ooi · March 16, 2017 at 2:35 pm

Gimbal is a must for stable video shot. 🙂

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