Here’s the B4K from Blueskysea.


Technical Specs:
 Processor: Novatek 96670
• Sensor: front cam: Sony IMX415 8MP sensor for front Cam; rear cam: GC2053 2MP sensor
• Viewing angle: Front: 120º F1.6; Rear: 140º wide viewing angle
• Resolution: front only: 3840×2160 30fps; dual mode: front – 3840×2160 24fps; rear – 1920 x 1080 24fps
• Support up to 256GB microSD card
Built-in GPS
• Built-in Wi-Fi
• Built-in supercapacitor
• 3.16” IPS Screen
Motion, Time-lapse, and buffered parking mode 
• Video codec: H.265 HEVC
• Video format: TS


The box



Open box




• B4K
• GPS mount
USB car charger
• Rear cam
• Rear cam cable
• User manual






GPS mount



USB car charger



Rear cam



Rear cam cable



User manual


Optional accessories

B4K CPL filter




• B4K CPL filter
• Wipes
• Manual


B4K CPL filter









B4K hardwire kit

This is the newer hardwire kit for the B4K with the Parking Guard Mode Signal switch




• B4K hardwire kit
• Fuse taps
• Manual



B4K hardwire kit



Fuse taps






Initial firmware out of the box

The initial firmware is B4K V008. Updated to the latest B4K V009 firmware.



Test setup

Using a 128GB Samsung Evo Plus microSD for the recordings.



Ucam app



Front cam recorded in H.265 3840×2160 24fps with an overall bit rate of 27.0 Mb/s using the CPL filter.


Rear cam recorded in H.265 1920×1080 24fps with an overall bit rate of 6,288 kb/s.



Final thoughts
The B4K is one of the best affordable true 4K dashcams out there and it’s using a supercapacitor.

The B4K’s front cam has great daytime and nighttime in true 4K. The rear cam is ok during the daytime but not so great during the nighttime with some pink glow at the edge of the video.

But when used with the rear cam, both cams record in 24fps instead of 30fps. Could be a limitation of the Novatek 966670 chip as the Sony IMX415 sensor is a true 4K sensor maybe.

Didn’t managed to test the parking mode as I have a few dashcams connected.

Hopefully, Blueskysea will improve with a better rear cam and able to record in 30fps when in dual dashcam mode.


Where to buy: Lazada

1 Comment

Rick · May 8, 2021 at 9:52 pm

Excellent review!!
I have this camera along with the rear (larger version) and I agree the rear footage is lacking.
I was hoping the smaller camera you have would be better, but it appears to have the same issues with color and night vision (I do believe mine is much worse though)
Also not a fan of the TS files as they can be a chore to edit.
Even viewing the raw files can be difficult as they require a special player that only my Windows tablet has (won’t work on my main Laptop unless I convert to mp4 first…..weird).
Apart from that, the camera has been pretty good

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