Thank you ChoeTech for providing this T555-F for review

Choetech Aliexpress product page: T555-F


Specifications & features
• Interface: Micro USB

Power Input: 5V-12V/2A
• Power Output: 15W(Max); Compatible with 10W, 7.5W & 5W
• Coil: Dual Coils
• Safety: Over-current protection, over-temperature protection, over-voltage protection & short circuit protection


The box


Open box


• T555-F
• USB wall charger
• Micro USB cable
• Manual
• VIP card




USB wall charger


Micro USB cable




VIP card



I’m using ATorch UD18 tester & PD 3.0 trigger for testing the USB wall charger.


Final thoughts
Consistent output by the USB wall charger and able to fast charge wirelessly my Samsung Galaxy S9+.


Joe · April 22, 2020 at 10:11 am

Thanks for the thorough unboxing! I was desperately looking for pictures of that specific charger (the QC charger it comes with, not the wireless stand) and you’re the only one who had good pictures.

Keep up the fantastic work, you helped me!

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