This is a supplementary review of the Viofo A129 Pro Duo review here. I’m just using the internal infrared camera from the A129 Duo IR with the A129 Pro Duo. Viofo will be releasing the A129 Pro Duo IR at a later date.

I will be flashing the A129 Pro IR firmware v1.01.1017 which is available here to my A129 Pro Duo.

Important note – In order to flash your A129 Pro Duo with the A129 Pro IR firmware, you’ll need to update the loader to the Pro IR loader first then update the IR firmware. Vice versa for the A129 Pro Duo firmware.


A129 Pro Duo IR firmware


IR LED settings

The IR LED settings – On, Auto and Off


Recorded in 1920×1080 30fps with an overall bit rate of 14.3 Mb/s. Using firmware A129 Pro IR v1.01.1017 and on High Bitrate mode & WDR enabled.

I won’t be showing the front 4K cam videos as it is the same quality as in the A129 Pro Duo review.


Final thoughts
The internal infrared camera on the A129 Pro Duo IR has a different name on the A129 Duo IR. Like A129 Pro Duo IR’s IR LED On & IR LED Off is A129 Duo IR’s IR Mono & IR Color but function the same. Auto is the same on both.

I think this is great upgrade from the A129 Duo IR or other infrared dashcams as the A129 Pro Duo has the best image quality for a true 4K dashcam out there now.







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