Thanks to Bill from Viofo for the pre-release unit of the soon to be launch A129 Pro.

Do note that this is a pre-release unit. So there is no retail box, accessories or manual. The retail unit might be different from what I have below. Expected to launch very soon in August or September 2019.


Technical Specs:
• Processor: Novatek 96685
• Sensor: Sony Exmor R IMX317
• Lens: 130° FOV, all-glass lens
• Aperture: F1.8
• Resolution: front cam only: 3840×2160 30fps, 2560×1440 30/60fps, 2304×1296 30fps, 1920×1080 30/60/120fps ; front & rear cam: 3840×2160 30fps & 1920×1080 30fps, 1440p 30fps & 1080 30fps, 1920×1080 60fps & 1920×1080 30fps
• 2″ High-resolution TFT
• Support up to 256GB microSD card
• Built-in 802.11n 2.4GHz / 802.11ac 5GHz Dual-band Wi-Fi
• Bluetooth remote (optional)
 GPS mount (optional)
• CPL filter (optional)
• Built-in supercapacitor
• Parking mode (requires Viofo HK3 hardwire kit)


A129 Pro


New settings

There are now 4 Bitrate modes: Low, Medium, High & Maximum

Below is the bitrate and 1-min video filesize for 3840×2160 30fps:
Low – Overall bit rate of 15.3 Mb/s with 109MB 1-min video file
Medium – Overall bit rate of 30.3 Mb/s with 216MB 1-min video file
High – Overall bit rate of 42.4 Mb/s with 303MB 1-min video file
Maximum – Overall bit rate of 60.3 Mb/s with 431MB 1-min video file


Initial firmware out of the box


Test setup

Will be using the 128GB Transcend High Endurance microSD for the recordings. And using the GPS mount from the A129 Duo IR.


Rear cams

Tested both rear cams from both A129 Duo & Duo IR and the A129 Pro can automatically detect both without issues. The A129 Pro doesn’t have the IR cam color modes settings like on the A129 Duo IR. A129 Pro is using the IR Auto mode. A129 Pro connected with the rear cam, there are only 3 resolutions settings.


A129 Pro & A129 Duo/Duo IR comparisons

A129 Duo/Duo IR on the left and A129 Pro on the right. Basically, everything is the same except the chipset, image sensor, and the lens. Plus the A129 Pro is slightly heavier than the A129 Duo/Duo IR.


Below is recorded in 3840×2160 30fps in High Bitrate mode with an overall bit rate of 42.4 Mb/s with WDR enabled and without the CPL filter.

Don’t forget to watch the above in 4K by clicking on the gear icon and change the resolution.


Final thoughts
The A129 Pro is a true 4K dashcam. The first Chinese brand dashcam that is true 4K. Not those fake 4K that manipulates lower resolutions to 4K dashcams.

The A129 Pro is crystal clear. An improved A129 Duo/Duo IR.

You can fully see all the details using a 4K monitor or TV.

Will be doing more tests with the A129 Pro like front and rear cam recordings, etc.

Also, you’ll need to consider a bigger capacity micro SD for this A129 Pro if you plan to use High or Maximum bitrate mode as the filesize is big for a 1-minute video file.



Brad · September 6, 2019 at 1:30 pm

When can we expect to see this available to order and ship to Australia?

    Jeremy Wong · September 6, 2019 at 1:33 pm

    Viofo said pre-orders will be starting from the 15th

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