Viofo has released a new infrared model of their A129 series, the A129 Duo IR. Specifically targetted for e-hailing like Uber, Grab, etc owners.

Viofo product page: A129 Duo IR


Technical Specs:
• Processor: Novatek 96663
• Sensor: Sony Starvis Sensor for both cameras
• Lens: 7G 140° wide-angle lens view
• Aperture: F1.6
• Resolution: 1080p 30fps for both front & rear. 1080p 30/60fps for the front only.
• 2″ High-resolution TFT
• Support up to 256GB microSD card
• Built-in 802.11n 2.4GHz / 802.11ac 5GHz Dual-band Wi-Fi
• Bluetooth remote
 GPS mount (optional)
• CPL filter (optional)
• Built-in super capacitor
• Parking mode (requires Viofo HK3 hardwire kit)


The box


Open box



• A129 Duo
• GPS mount
• IR cam
• Dual USB car charger
• Long mini USB cable
• Short mini USB cable
• Long IR cam cable
• Short IR cam cable
• Cable clips x5
• Spare mount tape
• Pry tool
• User manual


A129 Duo IR


GPS mount


IR camera

With a mini USB port moved to the side instead of at the top like the A129’s rear camera. The mount is detachable. The IR camera can swivel more than 180°.


Dual USB car charger


Long mini USB cable


Short mini USB cable


Long IR cam cable


Short IR cam cable

This shorter IR cam cable is great to install the IR cam at the front windscreen.


Cable clips


Spare mounting tape


Pry tool


User manual


Initial firmware out of the box


IR cam modes

There are 3 modes for the IR cam: Mono, Auto & IR Color. You can see below in the videos section of each mode for the in-cabin cam and as a rear cam.


Viofo wireless Bluetooth remote control for A129


Open box



• Wireless Bluetooth remote
• Spare CR2032 battery
• Spare mounting tape
• User manual


Wireless Bluetooth remote control


User manual


Here’s what the remote control does. It’s a great add-on that you can place somewhere nearby instead of reaching up to the A129 to press on the emergency record button.


Test setup

Initially, I set up both cams at the front windscreen but later changed it to front and rear windscreen as I wanted to record the rear using the IR cam. I’m using the 128GB Transcend High Endurance microSD for the recordings.


Below is recorded in 1920×1080 30fps with an overall bit rate of 17.1 Mb/s with WDR on and without the CPL filter.

Front cam


IR cam in-cabin


IR cam as rear cam


Final thoughts
The A129 Duo IR is a great option for those driving a taxi, Uber, etc.

Using the IR cam as a rear cam, the Auto mode will have the infrared LED lights reflecting on the windscreen with a purple hue in the center. Better to use the IR Color mode if want to use the IR cam as a rear cam.

Found a bug while changing the IR mode from Mono/IR Color mode to Auto mode, it will remain in Mono/IR Color mode until the A129 has restarted then will be in Auto mode.



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