This is a review by a friend, Danny, who bought this DDPai Mini3 during the 11.11 sales from Taobao and have installed it in his car using the hardwire kit and reviewed it. Photos of the DDPai Mini3 and review type out on behalf of Danny by JW.

DDPai product page: Mini3


Technical Specs & features:
• Processor: HiSilicon Cortex A17 + Cortex A7
• Sensor: OmniVision 05A10 image sensor
• Memory: 4GB
• Viewing angle: 140° wide angle 6G lens F1.8
• Resolution: 2560×1600 30fps
• Built-in 32GB eMMC 5.1
• 3rd Generation remote button
• Built-in 2.4GHz Wi-Fi
• 360° rotatable camera
• Parking mode (requires hardwire kit)
• Creative SR (Sense Reality) technique


The box


Open box



• Mini3
• Mount
• USB car charger
• 90° angled microUSB cable 3.5m
• MicroUSB cable
• Spare mounting tape
• Remote button
• Pry tool
• User guide in Chinese





The Mini3 can rotate 360° using this mount.


3rd generation remote button


2 port USB car charger


90° angled microUSB cable 3.5m


MicroUSB cable


Spare mounting tape

For mount and remote button


Pry tool


User guide


Hardwire kit

The DDPai hardwire kit comes with high-quality fuse taps for use with low profile mini fuse, mini fuse, and ATO fuse types.


User guide



HU USB cable

This HU USB cable is to connect to your car head unit to show the Mini3 on HU’s screen. Android Auto and Apple Car Play compatible. This cable will NOT be available for the Mini3 international version.


User guide


DDPAi app

Initial firmware version 42016 out of the box. Latest firmware version 42021.


Recorded in 2560×1600 30fps with an overall bit rate of 12.9 Mb/s.



Danny’s final thoughts
Low light performance dropped after update to the latest firmware. But image has lesser noise. Details of objects can be seen/determined.

The DDPai app is a battery drainer. Hopefully, future updates would fix that.

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