Got this Mini 0903 Plus for review from gearbest

Gearbest product page: Mini 0903 PlusMini CPL FilterHardwire Kit

Coupon code: GB0903P to buy at US$68.99
Official product page: Mini 0903 Plus

Specifications and features list:
• Ambarella A7LA50 chipset
• OV4689 sensor
• 1.5 inch TFT screen
• 135 degree viewing angle, 7G F1.7 lens
• Resolution: 1296P 30fps, 1080P 45fps, 720P 60fps
• Support up to 64GB microSD card. 

• Super Capacitor
• Mount with built-in GPS
• Magnetic circular polarizing filter (optional)

The box

Open box


• Mini 0903 Plus
• Mount with built-in GPS
• GoPro compatible mount
• Micro USB Cable 70cm
• Micro USB Car Charger 3m
• 1 x Lens Cleaning Cloth
• 2 x Double Sided Tape Mount
• 6 x Cable Clip
• String
• Manual in English

Mini 0903 Plus with protective covers

Mini 0903 Plus protective covers

Mini 0903 Plus

Mount with built-in GPS with microUSB ports on both sides.

GoPro compatible mount

Mini 0903 Plus with GPS mount

Micro USB Car Charger

English manual

Initial firmware


Test setup



Need to check why the GPS can’t connect…

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