Mini 0807 dashcam from gearbest

Gearbest product page: mini 0807
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Official product page: skyhigh

Specifications and features list:
• Ambarella A7LA50
• Sony IMX322
• 1.5 inch TFT screen
• 135 degree viewing angle
• Resolution: 1920 x 1080 30P 16:9, 1280 x 720 60P 16:9, 1280 x 720 30P 16:9
• Dual microSD slots. Support up to 128GB per microSD card. Total 256GB from 2 microSD cards.
• Super Capacitor
• Mount with built-in GPS
• Support Parking Guard when connected to OBD II port

Storage card preparation
The camera supports dual micro SD cards, 2 x 128GB maximum.
The files can be stored in card A or card B. The user can insert one micro SD card into the camera or two micro SD cards into camera at the same time, providing more space to store videos, images or other files. Please use high-speed micro SD card meeting the specification of TFHC. (Class 6 is ideal .Class10 may cause some problem because the speed of card is too fast, it is better not use Class10 card)

Copy function for backup video
Video clips can be copied manually between card A and card B, then you will have backup after you need to hand over one card to police or the court.
1. Please choose card in Playback. 
2. When camera is in standby, long press DOWN button to enter video playback or photos playback. Then long press UP button to enter playback sub-menu, you can see COPY FILE TO ANOTHER CARD, options are YES/NO.
3. If you press OK button to choose YES, the OKed video or photo will be copied from this card to another card.
4. Please note the user can copy only one video or one photo to another card each time, not all the files.

Choose MicroSD Card
Here you can choose the card which you want to store the videos and photos on.
Options: Auto / CARD A / CARD B
If there is only one card in camera body, this card will store videos and photos by default.
If there are two cards in camera body,
1. Here choose Auto, loop recording between card A and card B. Please make sure you do not set Recycle of Menu to OFF, otherwise once the recording card is full, the other card will not start to record.
2. If CARD A or CARD B is chosen, only CARD A or CARD B will store videos and photos, there will be no loop recording between two cards.
There is another choice in card sub-menu in playback, not the same as here.

The box

Open box

• Mini 0807
• Mount with built-in GPS 
• OBD II Cable 2.5m
• Micro USB Cable 70cm
• Micro USB Car Charger 3m
• 2 x Clear Film
• 1 x Lens Cleaning Cloth
• 3 x Double Sided Tape Mount
• 6 x Cable Clip
• Manual in English


Mount with built-in GPS

0807 with GPS mount attached

There is 2 modes for Parking Guard when plugged to the OBD II port:
Low Frame Mode – Will record at 1 frame per second. When there is a shock or collision, the mini 0807 will record in normal mode a 15 seconds emergency video. Will resume back 1 frame per second recording after. A blue indicator light is shown when Low Frame mode is running.

Pre-record Mode – Will only record a 30 seconds emergency video when there is shock or collision detected. A red indicator light is shown when Pre-record mode is running.


Day with firmware 20160623. Sorry about the time as forgot to set back after firmware update.


Night with firmware 20160623. Sorry about the time as forgot to set back after firmware update.

Parking Guard – Low Frame Mode Overall bit rate 9,711Kbps

Parking Guard – Low Frame Mode with firmware 20160623. Overall bitrate at 16.8Mbps. Sorry about the time as forgot to set back after firmware update.

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