Got this Hubsan X4 FPV Brushless H501S Advanced Version Classic Golden White review unit from gearbest

Gearbest product page: Hubsan H501S
Hubsan product page: Hubsan H501S

Specifications and features list:
• Brushless motors
• 1080p HD camera
• 5.8G FPV real-time video transmission
• Charge time about 2-3 hours
• Flight time about 20 minutes
• Built-in 6 Axis Gyro
• Altitude hold
• Headless mode
• Return to home 
• Follow me mode
• Fail-safe mode
• Control range about 2km

The box

Open box

• H501S Classic Golden White
• Multi-function remote controller FPV1
• 2,700mAh 7.4V 10C 20Wh battery
• Balance charger
• Charger
• Propellers (2 sets) 
• Propeller tools
• Micro USB cable
• English manual & disclaimer warning booklet

H501S without propellers

Installing the propellers with the tool

H501S with propellers installed

H501S LED when binded to the FPV1 controller

I couldn’t take pics of the LED for the other modes like Return to Home, etc as was alone flying…

GPS and Altitude Hold test

Micro USB port inside the H501S to update the firmware

2,700mAh 7.4V 10C 20Wh battery

Multi-function remote controller FPV1. Only difference between the standard and the advanced version is only the remote controller. This FPV1 have a control range about 2km over the standard version’s 300m.

Silicone protection covers

Multi-function remote controller FPV1 powered by 8 x AA batteries

Hubsan Balance Charger

Inserted my Samsung Evo+ 32GB micro SDHC into the H501S to record videos

Power on view on the FPV1

Night 1

Night 2

Day 1

Day 2

At an altitude of 251.7 meter

Please excuse my bad flying as I’m a beginner flying quads and the H501S doesn’t have any video stabilizations notworthy.gif notworthy.gif notworthy.gif 

• Stable flyer
• Very good follow me mode
• Stable 1080p camera
• 2km range
• 20 minutes flight time
• Return to home works!

 Might disarm the H501S during flight by accident Update: new firmware update for the H501S actually requires you to pull down on both sticks then outwards then only can arm and disarm.

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